Rose Palermo

Rose is a PhD Candidate in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program for Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science & Engineering. Rose’s interests span a wide range of topics surrounding surface processes and shoreline change. A common theme of her research is understanding how processes acting on competing timescales influence coastline evolution. She explores this theme under the context of (1) barrier island morphodynamics driven by waves and sea level rise, (2) the natural-human coupled system and coastal community resilience, and (3) describing how shoreline shape may record information about coastal erosion mechanisms. Rose also applies her work on fingerprinting process from shoreline shape to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon and the only other active coastlines in our solar system. Rose is passionate about connecting research communities to support a wholistic approach to climate mitigation and adaptation. She was an organizer of the Graduate Climate Conference from 2017-2019 and chaired the conference in 2019.

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