Resources & funding

Useful Websites and Networks

These are some other great networks and organisations that support women and minorities in STEM and marine-related subjects.

International networks and organisations

Women Oceanographers

Society of Women in Marine Science

Women in Polar Science

Graduate Women International

Earth Science Women’s Network

Association for Women Geoscientists

Women in Geoscience and Engineering

Women in GIS

Challenger Society for Marine Science

500 Women Scientists


Resources for Women in Computer Technology (USA)

Women in Earth & Environmental Science Australasia (WOMEESA)

Women in Engineering [Australia]

Australian Federation of Graduate Women

Irish Association for Women in Geosciences

She Flies: Drone Training [Australia]

shemaps [Australia]

Her Chesapeake [USA]

Financial Aid Scholarships for Women [USA]


Science Feminine/ The Fairer Scientist [in French and English]

Articles/posts on gender diversity in marine geoscience

Column on WICGE in Nature

Oceanography Special Issue: Women in Oceanography

Conversations on being a woman in Geoscience (EGU)

Baltic Gender Blog [Baltic Sea Region]

Inspiring and connecting girls

Gills Club

Getting girls interested in STEM

Recruiting More Women Engineers Means Getting Girls More Involved in STEM

Funding and prizes for women

Delft Technology Fellowship for outstanding female researchers

Capstone Editing Travel Grant for Academic Women

Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women

The Peer Prize for Women in Science

Loreal for Women in Science Fellowships

Many countries have their own website for this scheme. E.g., for Australia see here:

Training & Information

Internet safety guide for women including work-related social media liked LinkedIn and Twitter

Resources for women pursuing a career in STEM from