We want this network to be instrumental in achieving gender equality in coastal geoscience and engineering, across age groups and career levels, in academia, government and industry.


To do so, we have developed some practical objectives:

  • To inspire women to pursue a career in STEM, particularly in coastal geoscience and engineering
  • Publicise, promote and celebrate achievements of women in coastal geoscience and engineering
  • Work for gender equality at events such as conferences, workshops, and panels
  • Establish awards for women in coastal geoscience and engineering
    • Best student paper
    • Early Career researchers
    • Mid-career researchers
  • Develop and promote WICGE conference network: Friendly faces at conferences
  • Establish a formal mentoring programme
  • Highlight and address microagressions
  • Publish special issue/ edited publication of WICGE
  • Publish a letter in a peer-reviewed journal and articles about WICGE
This is a work in progress, please get in touch if you have ideas. And connect with and promote our +270 members who have international reach.