Dr Luciana Esteves

Lu has researched coastal processes at scales relevant to coastal management applications in Brazil, the USA and the UK. When she moved from Brazil to the UK in 2006, her research focus shifted from shoreline changes along sandy coasts to impacts of coastal management interventions in a range of coastal typologies. More recently, her work focuses on the long-term sustainability of managed realignment projects in Europe. Currently, she is leading projects concerning the use of X-band radar as a coastal monitoring tool to support coastal management funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (UK), and the practical application of ecosystem-based management to improve coastal management decisions funded by Capes (Brazil). Internationalisation and links between research and professional practice are important aspects of her work, and she has been working with practitioners in the private and public sector in the UK, Brazil and South Africa. Lu is a fellow of the Royal Geography Society and the Higher Education Academy.

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