New Job Opportunity: Teaching focussed role in Water Engineering @ UNSW Sydney

If you have a passion for teaching and want to make a difference in water engineering education, this job has just posted.  As we push to have more positive role models for the next generation of female coastal scientists and engineers, it would be great to see a qualified female nab this job!

The position is broad scale (Lecturer to Ass/Prof). The purpose of this role is to develop new teaching methodologies and deliver outstanding teaching and student experience in the area of Water Engineering, as well as engaging in an active research and/or professional engagement program relevant to the discipline, and contributing to achieving the research, teaching and engagement and leadership missions of the School and Faculty. An academic at Level D is expected to play a leadership role within the School and contribute at an institutional level.

More details and to apply can be found in the link provided.


Position Number 58190.

Closing date is 12 November.

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