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Divomi Balasuriya

Ms Divomi Balasuriya


Position: PhD candidate

Department: earth & Environmental Studies

University/Institute/Company: Montclair State University


I am a PhD candidate specializing in coastal sediment dynamics, with a particular focus on the natural and anthropogenic factors influencing these processes. My research primarily investigates the seasonal variations and natural impacts, such as storms, that affect coastal sediment dynamics and characteristics, particularly in New Jersey, a region frequently impacted by severe storms.

Additionally, I examine the effects of coastal engineering methods, including structural measures and beach nourishment, on both the environment and the local economy. Given the prevalent issue of coastal erosion in New Jersey, beach nourishment has emerged as a significant intervention. My research aims to provide valuable insights for local governments by identifying suitable sources for nourishment fill and elucidating the spatial and temporal changes in New Jersey’s beaches post-nourishment.

This study will contribute to a better understanding of how these interventions impact coastal systems, thereby aiding in the development of more effective and sustainable coastal management practices.

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