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Gozde Guney Dogan

Dr Gozde Guney Dogan


Position: Postdoctoral Researcher/Scientific Project Specialist

Department: Department of Civil Engineering/Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory

University/Institute/Company: Middle East Technical University


My main research areas are numerical modeling of tsunamis, meteotsunamis, and storm surges in oceans and marginal seas. I performed several post-tsunami field surveys including the 2018 Palu, Indonesia event and led the survey team of the 30 October 2020 Aegean Sea tsunami. My main expertise is coastal engineering focusing on the physical and numerical modeling of coastal processes including marine-induced hazards, morphological changes and sediment transport analysis. I also have ten years of experience in hazard and risk assessment, disaster management and development of mitigation strategies. I participated in more than 20 scientific research projects focusing on different aspects of tsunamis such as numerical modeling, deterministic and probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment, tsunami inundation and damage on different structures and infrastructure and sediment transport analysis and assessment of morphological changes at the coastal areas, at international and national levels. I jointly authored more than 13 international scientific publications. I am currently working on the climate change impact on Turkish coastlines and future predictions of extreme sea levels based on climate change scenarios.

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