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Luciana Esteves

Dr Luciana Esteves


Position: Principal Academic

Department: Faculty of Science & Technology

University/Institute/Company: Bournemouth University


My research interests are related to environmental change in coastal areas driven by natural and human-induced process and the implications to coastal management. I currently have three ongoing projects (which have very different scope and objectives):
1. VALSA, Valuation of ecosystem services applied to coastal vulnerability (funded by CAPES, Brazil). In collaboration with colleagues of two universities in Brazil (UFRN and UFPE), we are developing methods based on ecosystems services that can be applied by government practitioners at the local level to reduce actions and decision-making that increase social, economic and environmental vulnerability in coastal areas
2. X-Com (X-band radar and evidence-based coastal management decisions, funded by NERC/UK). The project is testing whether X-band radar technology can become a cost-effective coastal monitoring tool (X-COM tool) to support practical applications required in the public and private sectors. The work involves collaboration with researchers and practitioners from Bournemouth University, National Oceanography Centre, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Mott MacDonald and Cefas.
3. Managed realignment (funding from a range of sources and covering a range of aspects) – you can find out some background information in this unedited copy of my book here:

In the last few years, I have been giving workshops in Brazil and South Africa (the last funded by Newton Funds) about adaptation options and sustainable coastal management. I am particularly interested in how management decisions and climate change can affect coastal vulnerability; especially in developing and applying methods that can help reduce ‘damaging’ coastal management decisions. Additionally, I am involved in projects to engage undergraduate students in research across the university and I act as the Global Engagement Leader at the department level.

In the past decade I was involved in the following projects: SECOA (Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Areas) and MICORE (Morphological Impacts and Coastal Risks Induced by Extreme Storm Events), both funded by the EU FP7; and CoFEE (Coastal Flooding by Extreme Events) funded by NERC.

I am a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and I am a volunteer member of the RGS Southern Region Committee. I am a member of the Women Academic Network at Bournemouth University.

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