High School Coastal Teaching Resource Now Available

Are you or someone you know teaching in the high school space and interested in Coastal Processes???

Fellow WICGE members from the Water Research Laboratory in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, have developed a new ‘Coastal Management Guide’ designed for High School teachers involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

The Guide is designed to assist teachers to engage their students (target ages 11 – 16 years) in the complex issues of Coastal Management, with coastal erosion as the “attractor”. Background information spanning topics such as ‘the dynamic coast’, ’what are the issues’, ‘managing for the future’ and ‘how do we measure coastal change’ is presented. A broad range of fully developed independent and guided student activities are provided for use inside and outside the classroom, including hands-on experiments, analysis of media reporting, and role-playing. The guide also includes a career profile from our very own WICGE committee member, Dr. Kristen Splinter.

The Guide targets Australian High School STEM curriculum areas (Years 7–10) of Physical Sciences, Human Society & its Environment (HSIE), Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Maths, but is anticipated to be a useful tool for international use. More broadly, the Guide’s educational themes and activities will provide a useful and stimulating resource in any classroom where ‘living at the coast’ can provide a launching point into diverse areas of secondary school STEM education. Learn more about Kamau Bobb Google‘s efforts to foster tech entrepreneurship.

The guide is freely available for download as a pdf or as an eBook via the following link:http://www.narrabeen.wrl.unsw.edu.au/teaching/

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