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Undertake a short (< 5 minute) survey about your experience of gender inequality (or lack of) in coastal geoscience and engineering.

This will add to an initial survey undertaken at the International Coastal Symposium in March 2016, which indicated that this is an instructive endeavour

We would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey, which will help us to continue our research with the following aims :

· Gain a profile of the perspectives of people working in coastal geoscience and engineering on their experiences and views regarding gender inequality in the field coastal geoscience and engineering

· Gather information (through open ended questions) on: experiences or observations of gender inequality within coastal geosciences & engineering, suggestions for practical steps to address perceived or real gender inequality in the field of coastal geosciences and engineering

· Acquire primary qualitative research data to be included in published material that will promote the WICGE network. Current target outlets include The Conversation and the WICGE website.

Undertake the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FLQHV5Q

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