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Publicise, promote and celebrate achievements of women in coastal geoscience and engineering

We are looking for great stories to be shared. Particularly, about what it means to be a woman (or a minority) in your profession and how that has influenced your trajectory. We believe that we all learn from sharing experiences and the way you have managed your career might help others to make important decisions. We know that there aren’t many female role models in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering. By sharing our experiences, we aim to take advantage of the internet so few role models do not imply less impact.

We are looking for professionals junior and senior (and mid career). Your career doesn’t have to be a high-impact one, or a very different one. We are interested in you and in what we can learn from you.

**Equity is men’s business too: men can also tell a story about how you work towards equity; or, you can encourage someone else to share their story.

1. We have been contacted to provide a list of women available to be interviewed for a series of special issues on an academic journal [we will provide a list and they will decide who to interview].
2. We want to share your path and achievements through our Blog and Social media (Promoting and celebrating). Please note that we will not share anything without your consent.

Just send us an e-mail to our gmail account and we will contact you afterwards.

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