Postdoctoral Research Position at the Department of Earth Sciences of Pisa University (Italy)

Late-Pleistocene and Holocene relative sea-level change along the Eastern Adriatic coast
Overview: the Department of Earth Sciences ( is an outstanding Italian institution in Geosciences . The Geomorphology Group has been engaged since the early 2000s in a number of projects on sea-level change in the NW Mediterranean and  in SW Atlantic coasts; moreover it has carried out researches on interaction between humans and the natural environment, with particular regard to the Geoarchaeology of coastal plains . The postdoc position is integrated mainly within the activities of the Mend-the Gap Project (EU Horizon2020, which  is aimed at integrating genetics with sciences of the past along the Eastern Adriatic coast.

Detailed Description: The Geomorphology group seeks a postdoc capable pf proposing a 1 year project aimed at: building a geo-referenced database of all published sea-level markers of the Eastern Adriatic, carrying out, when necessary, a dedicated topographic field campaign; working out a Digital Elevation Model of the Northern-Central Adriatic Sea and create a number of palaeogeographic scenarios of the Eastern Adriatic coastal areas at selected time frames based on existing GIA models;  contributing to adapt to Mediterranean plains, characterized by mainly clastic Holocene sedimentary stacks, the geotechnical methodologies used for sediment compaction assessment; contributing to a critical revision of significance, quality and accuracy of the sea-level markers available in the Group study area(s).

Keywords: sea-level change, coastal plains, geoachaeology, GIS.

Job Requirements: Experience in sea-level change research, knowledge of sea-level markers and GIA models significance. Ability to deal with the core techniques of geoachaeological research. Software skills including expertise in GIS (preferably QGIS).  Requirements include ability to work in a team setting. Language skills of the candidate do not need to include knowledge of the Italian Language.

Qualification:  The successful candidate has obtained a Ph.D. in Geoscience or Environmental Science, and has a good record of co-authored scientific publications in refereed journals.

Application: Deadline for applying is 30th of May-2016. The net salary will be ca. 2,100 euros per month. The Applicant should read carefully and stick to the application instructions, available in the English version at:

For any information on the scientific side of the proposal please write to Prof. Marta Pappalardo (, who will be responsible for the researcher activities.

Start date will be approximately before the end of 2016 but a delayed start can be negotiated.

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