PhD vacancies on biomorphodynamics and geology of Holocene estuaries

Just/nearly got your MSc in earth surface dynamics / civil engineering / and ready for the next level challenge?

 The long-term development of estuaries (river mouths with ebb and flood, with sand of mud and with lots of species) is still partly hidden in the mists of time. We are beginning to blow at this mist with a team of numerical modellers (Delft3D), Holocene geologists, ecologists and experimenters in the facility.


PhD candidate: Modelling the Holocene development of estuaries (1 FTE)

PhD candidate: Experimental estuaries with biomorphological processes (1 FTE)

PhD candidate: Biomorphological modelling of estuaries (1 FTE)

 You can count on lots of interactions with other PhDs, expert postdocs, technicians, research students and the PI. We are already having great fun with promising hard science but we are also in direct contact with governmental institutes and engineering/consultancy companies for applications asap in the real world and for your future job perspectives. We have four years of competitive salary and travel costs for three excellent candidates, but you will really want to apply for your once-in-a-lifetime experience of steep learning curves, true mono- and interdisciplinary teamwork, thrilling discoveries and, best of all, very hard work.


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