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Yvonne Smit

Dr Yvonne Smit


Position: Coordinator Communication and Impact

Department: Research Centre QuSoft for Quantum Software and Technology

University/Institute/Company: University of Amsterdam


Yvonne Smit is the Coordinator Communication & Impact for QuSoft. In this role, her main task is disseminating QuSoft’s scientific research on Quantum Software to the general audience. Besides working at QuSoft, Yvonne is now also freelancer in Science Communication (

Yvonne has a background in hydrology (with an MSc in Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management from Wageningen University including a half year internship at the University of Arizona, USA) and Physical Geography (with a PhD from Utrecht University). She did research on dune growth at narrow coastal beaches and specifically looked at how hydrological processes (e.g. tidal fluctuations, groundwater levels and surface moisture content) negatively influence the aeolian processes of dune growth.

She continued her career as the editor-in-chief for the online science communication platform Universiteit van Nederland where, together with scientists from different universities she told their stories. A total of 50 online lectures were recorded and broadcasted, for which she was responsible. Additionally, she wrote newspaper articles on various scientific topics and made short movie items with the scientists to give context to current news.

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