Dr Siddhi Joshi

Siddhi recently completed her doctorate and post doctoral research in coastal marine sediment dynamics and biogeosciences at National University of Ireland, Galway. During her PhD she focused on the unique sediment transport properties of maerl or rhodolith habitats (coralline algae habitats found in the West of Ireland and beyond). She is a semi-professional documentary maker and made an hour long documentary entitled “Maerl: A Rare Seabed Habitat.” during her PhD.  Her research involves a multidisciplinary approach to coastal geosciences including use of data from national seabed mapping programmes to study the sediment mobility in coastal environments. She cares passionately about diversity issues and human rights including women’s rights and LGBTI Rights. 

More information can be found on her science communication blog on Seabed Habitats and Twitter.

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