Dr Kristen Splinter

Kristen is a coastal engineer and oceanographer interested on how sandy coastlines (namely beaches) erode and recover from changes in the size of waves, sediment supply, and water levels. She works extensively with numerical models to better understand the physical environment. She is also fascinated by rips and beach morphology and how it changes over time. As part of her ongoing research, she helps to maintain an Argus coastal imaging station and a fixed-scanning lidar at Narrabeen, NSW, Australia.  You can check out the latest coastal images here.

Recently she has also been involved with research projects to examine the hydrodynamics (waves and water levels) over reefs during extreme (cyclone) conditions.  This work is particularly important in the context of rising sea levels and climate change, where Pacific Island Nations may become more vulnerable to these events due to reef submergence and degradation.

Kristen is a Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia. Kristen enjoys travelling to new places and back to Canada, being on/in the water, the beach, and spending time with her baby girl.

Find out more about Kristen here and follow her on Twitter.

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