Dr Emilia Guisado

Emilia is a Postdoctoral fellow at the University Pablo de Olavide in Spain and has been recently awarded by a 2 years Postdoctoral Contract by the Spanish National Ministry of Research and Technology. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and her  primary research goals are directed towards understanding the functioning of coastal ecosystems and particularly to analyse the effects and consequences of natural and human-driven processes in coastal environments. Her professional trajectory includes research stays in EEUU and Europe, Marie Curie educational grants and a Predoctoral education (Master of Research) at the University of Ulster. She has achieved a broad experience on coastal morphodynamics, with special relevance to the analysis of wave process and storm events in coastal evolution. Using wave numerical models and GIS for exploring the spatial dimensions of the processes involved and for mapping outputs has also centred her investigations. Her interests extend to analyse the effects of large meteorological phenomenon in coastal areas and the resilience of coastal systems to climate-change induced impacts.

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