Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Biogeomorphology at Utrecht

The Department of Physical Geography at Utrecht University has a strong profile in research on land surface processes, natural hazards, large-scale hydrology, coast and river processes and morphology, spatio-dynamic modelling, earth observation and image processing. Our Coastal and River group focuses on the natural and human-induced dynamics of fluvial and coastal landscapes. The work domain encompasses barrier coasts, beaches and dunes, tidal inlet systems, rivers and floodplains, large estuaries with major ports, tidal flats, salt marshes and mangroves. In particular, we are excited about interactions between fluvial, marine and aeolian components in the widest sense and in feedbacks between physical and biotic processes in these landscapes. We combine numerical modelling, scale experiments, process measurements in the field and also remote sensing. Our overarching aim is to contribute to the solution of major scientific and societal challenges, and to this end we aim to combine our knowledge in generic bio-morphological fluvial/coastal models.

We are looking for a candidate to establish a research line related to process observation, analysis and modelling of the dynamics of river and/or coastal landscapes resulting from flow, sediment transport, biological interactions and human interference. Candidates will describe their dream research line in a thoughtful motivation letter, and are also encouraged to explain what attracts them to our group. We particularly welcome research lines on the interactions between organisms and river, estuarine or coastal landscape dynamics.

The candidate is expected to acquire funding from national and European science funding agencies for personal fellowships, PhDs and postdocs. The candidate will be involved in the co-supervision of PhD candidates and postdocs, sharing responsibility for the field- and/or laboratory experiments, and presenting results in journal papers and at international conferences, in collaboration with the other staff. She or he is also expected to contribute to relevant courses in the Earth Science Bachelor and Master programmes, leading towards the Basic Teaching Qualification of Utrecht University.

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