Naomi Edwards: Design Contributor

Naomi Edwards is the Design Contributor for Women in Coastal, which includes our branding and website. Naomi is a Phd student at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Naomi’s interests span from community engagement to institutional change to environmental sociology. Her main research topic is to understand the personal and professional conflicts of coastal professionals […]

Dr Siddhi Joshi

Dr Siddhi Joshi Siddhi recently completed her doctorate in coastal marine sediment dynamics and biogeosciences at National University of Ireland, Galway. During her PhD she focused on the unique sediment transport properties of maerl or rhodolith habitats (coralline algae habitats found in the West of Ireland and beyond). She is a semi-professional documentary maker and made […]

Dr Shari Gallop

Dr Shari Gallop Shari is an Early Career Researcher coastal morphologist and oceanographer. She has worked on coasts in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Her research is focused largely on understanding interactions between coastal geology and structures, with met-ocean forcing, and sediment transport. She is particularly interested in physical processes on coasts with reefs, and […]

Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo

Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo Ana is a marine scientist whose speciality is linking scales in coastal geomorphology. She looks at sediment transport and coastal change at different scales: immediate, event, decadal and Holocene. Her career started in Spain, then moved to Portugal in 1998 and came to Australia in 2005. She has worked on ocean […]

Dr Sarah Hamylton

Dr Sarah Hamylton Sarah has worked on tropical coastlines for the last 15 years. She has been lucky enough to work in some varied locations, including Aldabra Atoll (Seychelles), Cocos (Keeling) Atoll, the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Belize and the Red Sea. Currently based at the University of Wollongong as a Senior Lecturer in GIS, […]

Dr Kristen Splinter

Dr Kristen Splinter Kristen is a coastal engineer and oceanographer interested on how sandy coastlines (namely beaches) erode and recover from changes in the size of waves, sediment supply, and water levels. She works extensively with numerical models to better understand the physical environment. She is also fascinated by rips and beach morphology and how […]

Associate Professor Karin Bryan

Associate Professor Karin Bryan Associate Professor Karin Bryan conducts research under 4 themes that are related in their aim of understanding the dynamics of sediments and nutrients in the coastal environments, and how these contribute to controlling state changes in the physical environments. These themes are (1) dynamics of the swash and surfzone; (2) beach morphodynamics; […]

Dr Irene Delgado-Fernandez

Dr Irene Delgado-Fernandez Irene Delgado-Fernandez is a Reader in Coastal Processes at Edge Hill University (UK) with academic and work experience in Spain (BA, MSc Marine Sciences), Australia (visiting student), Canada (PhD), and Ireland (NERC Post-doc). She has received multiple awards and scholarships, and acts as a reviewer for a number of international journals and […]

Dr Emilia Guisado

Dr Emilia Guisado Emilia is a Postdoctoral fellow at the University Pablo de Olavide in Spain and has been recently awarded by a 2 years Postdoctoral Contract by the Spanish National Ministry of Research and Technology. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and her  primary research goals are directed towards understanding the functioning of […]

Associate Professor Nadia Sénéchal

Associate Professor Nadia Sénéchal Nadia is an Associate Professor at Bordeaux University (France) where she is in charge of the Master program in Marine Sciences. Her primary interest when she started working on nearshore processes was on wave transformation in the surfzone on sandy beaches. Her research interest is now focusing on surfzone and swash […]

Dr Amaia Ruiz de Alegria Arzaburu

Dr Amaia Ruiz be Alegria Arzaburu Amaia is an early career researcher at the Institute of Oceanographic Research at the University of Baja California, Mexico. Amaia’s main topic of interest is morphodynamics and hydrodynamics on gravel and sandy beaches with a focus on beach erosion and recovery at storm-driven, seasonal and annual time scales. Her work has taken Amaia […]

Dr Hannah Power

Dr Hannah Power Hannah is an early career researcher at the University of Newcastle. Hannah’s interests span a wide range of topics in coastal science. Her main topic of interest is hydrodynamics and morphodynamics on sandy beaches with a focus on the surf and swash zones. This work has taken Hannah to beaches throughout Australia, Denmark, […]

Dr Graziela Miot da Silva

Dr Graziela Miot da Silva Growing up on an island in southern Brazil ignited Dr Graziela Miot da Silva’s passion for the sea and the coast. She is a coastal geomorphologist and oceanographer, with experience and research interests on surfzone dynamics and sediment transport, beach morphodynamics and sedimentology, aeolian sediment transport, and climate change impacts […]

Dr Luciana Esteves

Dr Luciana Esteves Lu has researched coastal processes at scales relevant to coastal management applications in Brazil, the USA and the UK. When she moved from Brazil to the UK in 2006, her research focus shifted from shoreline changes along sandy coasts to impacts of coastal management interventions in a range of coastal typologies. More […]