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Louise Bruce

Dr Louise Bruce


Position: Principal Engineer

Department: Environmental Modelling

University/Institute/Company: BMT


Louise Bruce is an engineer with over 25 years’ experience in both numerical and ecological sciences. Louise combines her scientific knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and numerical methods with engineering design in the use of environmental models to analyse and predict ecosystem response. Her career has spanned the progression of environmental models from simple 1-D to more complex 3-D dynamically coupled hydrodynamic water quality models. From early in her career, Louise has been involved in model development including the Aquatic Eco-Dynamic (AED) Models, a complex suite of process based biogeochemical models that can be custom fit to any aquatic ecosystem and be dynamically linked to a growing list of hydrodynamic models.
More recently I’ve been working in the field of collaborative data science and emerging concept of Environmental Information Models to support sustainable development.

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