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Ms Madeline Varney


Position: Graduate Research Assistant/Master’s Student

Department: Geosciences

University/Institute/Company: University of Rhode Island


My research interests include coastal processes, sedimentation, and sea level change.
My research experience involves evaluating spit migration and shoreline change. Responsible for digitizing shoreline positions on historical aerial photographs and digital orthophotographs in order to evaluate shoreline change at the Napatree Lagoon in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Ongoing work includes analysis of the RTK-GPS data to determine the origin of the moving sediment and analysis of LiDAR maps to determine net erosion and deposition on and around the spit. Digitizing shorelines positions and subsequent calculations using multiple software and geospatial software packages including ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog), Microsoft Excel, and Grapher.
Also assisted with projects involving data collection with RTK-GPS to determine and map marsh edge sediment density and marsh platform thickness, crab trapping, and collection of bathymetric data within the lagoon.
Current project involves using mangrove sediment cores to find sea-level indicators (forams, diatoms, pollen, etc.), which will be used to reconstruct a high-definition sea level curve for the Federated States of Micronesia.