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Dr Rocío Jiménez-Ramos


Position: Postdoctoral Researcher

University/Institute/Company: Cádiz University


The theme of my research is to understand the processes and mechanisms that regulate the structure and functioning of coastal benthic systems, especially in seagrass ecosystems, with particular emphasis on how human activities transform them. My background is mainly focused on plant-herbivore interactions, acclimating seagrasses to different drivers of change and analysing plant responses integrating morphological, chemical and biomechanical leaves properties. Other significant part of my work is based on studying the carbon sink capability of temperate and tropical seagrass and how the anthropogenic impact affects them.

In addition to conducting basic ecological research, I am concerned with applying my findings towards improving the conservation of marine coastal ecosystems. As a scientist, I feel committed to disseminating scientific knowledge. To carry out this achievement, I get involved in citizen science activities and I collaborate in associations about nature conservation.

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