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Ms Nadia Genovese


Position: Principal Engineer

Department: Marittime

University/Institute/Company: COWI


Ms Genovese has been working for almost 12 years in the Marine & Foundation Department in COWI with projects located in the UK, Scandinavia, Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, Taiwan, USA, Korea and North Africa. She has primarily been dealing with the layout planning and the design of breakwaters and revetment structures for ports, harbours and medium/small marinas using rock or concrete elements. She has been in charge of the preparation and supervision of physical model tests (2D and 3D) for breakwaters/ revetments including evaluation of bids from the laboratories.
Given her hydraulic background, she has also been involved in the design of intake/outfall structures projects in particular diffuser structures, weir structures, channel flow and transition structures hydraulics.
Ms Genovese has worked in the design of coastal erosion protection & waterfront development schemes and large reclamation projects utilizing submerged reefs, revetments, groins and beach islands. She has designed beaches and has prepared studies to assess the impact of structures on the longshore sediment transport.
Ms Genovese is the author of the COWI technical specifications for rock work, geotextiles, geobags, dredging activities, navigations aids, oil boom containments for intake/outfall structures, concrete armour units etc..
In the Offshore Wind business Ms Genovese has taken the lead of the scour protection design and the scour hole assessment and time/development around OW structures. She has worked with both jacket structures and monopiles with the Offshore Wind Department but has also worked with the Bridge Department for the protection of bridge foundations. Ms Genovese the COWI representative for the JIP (Joint Industry Project) on Scour protection Methods (which include innovative designs) carried out by Deltares with the participation of DNV and major Maritime Contractors.

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