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Dr Oula Amrouni


Position: PhD researcher/Associate professor

Department: Laboratory of Marine Sciences

University/Institute/Company: National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies


Dr Oula Amrouni has been working as a researcher in the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies since 2008 in Tunisia. Her work involves the sedimentological analysis and multi scale coastal behavioral models and developing numerical models of current circulation and wave refraction in sensitive coastal parts of several beaches in Tunisia. She has scientific responsibilities shared with her colleagues, which she led with different partners and stakeholders. Since 2002, Dr. Oula Amrouni participated both to national and international workshops because she is really interested in collaborating with universities and research institutions focusing on environmental subjects. She participated to national and international project related to the forecast sea level rise and the management purposes. Throughout her thesis work and later, she has focused on examining various problems associated with coastal and marine sedimentology using various experimental and modelling paradigms. Her MsC researches were carried out on the coastal dune dynamics after the setting up of the dune fences adjustments by the Government Agency of coastal Protection.
Her PhD thesis work started with developing a research axis on the quantification of coastal budget and its impact on the morpho-hydrodynamic process. Later, she followed a more global approach to analyse problematic dynamic sediments as related to the management of the coastal environment. In addition, she has been involved in studying the stabilisation of coastal vegetated foredunes, dynamics of marine bars, pollution of marine environment and the climate change effects.
After acquiring several competencies on different aspects of coastal dynamics and methodologies of measurements and interpretations of conditional factors influencing them, Dr. Amrouni has the opportunity to work as Associate Professor in “Geology applied to the Environment” both at the University of Sfax ( 2002-2005), Department of Geology (Tunisia) (2009-2016), the University of Tunis El Manar, Department of Geology and the University of Letters and Humanities, Sousse (2008-2011), Department of Geography (Tunisia). This experience strengthened her expertise in the coastal dynamics research domain and helped her to attain better qualifications. She supervise PhD ans MsC student in the field of Integrated Long-term Marine Exploitation Strategies and Georesources ( i.e sedimentology, beach assessment, air pollution, climate change effects, modelling, etc). Dr. Amrouni published valuable and multidisciplinary manuscripts in International peer reviewed journals.
Dr. Oula Amrouni joined the Government Agency of Coastal Protection as scientific expert since 2012. She participates to the achievement of the national coastal project and plans, and therefore the initiatives to achieve practical solutions that ensure integrated and sustainable social, economic and environmental development. She was a Member of the Arab World Association of Young Scientists (ArabWAYS) and she had the opportunity to be a Member of the working group with the WCRP (World Climate Research Programme) team, on the European Union conference, CORDEX 2013.

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