Dr Irene Delgado-Fernandez

Irene is a Reader in Coastal Processes at Edge Hill University (UK) with academic and work experience in Spain (BA, MSc Marine Sciences), Australia (visiting student), Canada (PhD), and Ireland (NERC Post-doc). She has received multiple awards and scholarships, and acts as a reviewer for a number of international journals and grant agencies such as the Australian Research Council. Her work has been featured as a research highlight in Eos (Transactions American Geophysical Union) and featured by in Our Amazing Planet. Delgado-Fernandez is responsible for successful application of on-site remote sensing techniques consisting on camera systems to the measurement of aeolian sediment input to coastal dunes. Her work was pioneer on describing the magnitude and frequency of aeolian transport events in coastal areas, and identifying new modelling frameworks for improving calculations of aeolian sand transport to coastal dunes over temporal scales of weeks to months.

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