PhD candidate on Aeolian Transport and Dune Growth

The 2016 call for PhD Studentships by the FCT (Portuguese Science and technology Foundation) will open from 15 June to 15 July 2016. CIMA announces one PhD project on coastal geomorphology and aeolian processes and will select a candidate to apply to an FCT grant on the below topic. Project Title Aeolian sediment transport and […]

Expression of interest to host Marie Curie Individual Fellows

The Institute of Environment and Sustainability of the Joint European Research Center is interested to host qualified and dynamic researchers who would like to apply for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship in the following topics: – Numerical modeling of waves, storm surge and inundation at large scales (minimum regional, preferably continental/global), for short, medium, or long term forecasting – Coastal […]

PhD position in wave-resolving CFD

1 PhD position for the ‘‘CREST ‐ Climate REsilient coaST” research project (  The Coastal Engineering Research Group (CERG) at the Department of Civil Engineering of Ghent University and the Hydraulics section of the Department of Civil Engineering of KU Leuven (Leuven University) are offering a full-time PhD position in the area of modelling coastal […]